One Piece: Thousand Storm set for global release



One Piece: Thousand Storm is the latest mobile release from Bandai Namco to be based on the hugely popular manga/anime One Piece. Set in a world shaped by the conflict between pirates and marines, this MMORPG lets you follow the adventures of Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew as you battle against enemies and collect new characters.

Out in Japan since April 2016, Bandai Namco have announced the global version will be released this winter but have not yet given an exact date. A pre-registration event is underway with four tiers of rewards being given once certain milestones are met. At the time of writing, the 50,000 and 100,000 targets have already been achieved whilst two further targets remain open. You can join in by pre-registering here.

opts screen

Given the continued success of its predecessor One Piece Treasure Cruise, one can expect OPTS to also include a hefty amount of Gacha-style character collection but with the welcome addition of a multiplayer mode. Players travel their environment, attacking, defending and using special moves to defeat opponents. It seems some of the battle mechanics are automated, leaving you to focus more on strategy than action, but only time will tell to what extent this affects gameplay.

Bandai Namco, or Bamco as they are affectionately known, are also responsible for the successful One Piece Treasure Cruise and Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle games. Following the model of free to play gaming with microtransactions, Bamco use large in-game events tied in with social media to draw in new players, reward existing ones and to encourage the purchasing of ‘gems’ or other in-game currency.

Available for Android and iOS, you can expect a full review here as soon as it is released.