Remastered Final Fantasy XII Arriving in 2017!


Originally released for PlayStation II in 2006, Final Fantasy XII is now coming out with a high-definition (HD) version of the game. It will be based on Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System. The game’s features are engineered such that it will attract both old-timers and new gamers!


Western Release Confirmed


Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age – for that is what it is called – is set for a 2017 release in Japan. Earlier this week saw the confirmation of a release in the West – North America and Europe – also due in 2017. Thus far, the game has only been announced for PS4.


New Features


Apart from characters that will be revamped and scenes that will be cut, the new version will offer features such as shorter loading time, auto-save and a better and improved turbo mode.


Players can now also enjoy numerous modern advancements in the game, which include a revamped battle design and reconstructed job system. We are excited for the West to experience many all-new gameplay features, such as Trial Mode and The Zodiac Job System for the very first time!


Graphics Which Have Been Updated


Thrilled to provide an opportunity to the players to retrace their steps to Ivalice, the game makers have upgraded the visuals to full high-definition (HD) resolution, which includes the characters, the movie scenes and the environments to enhance their appearance on PlayStation 4.



Re-recorded Soundtrack


Featuring some of the most loved songs in the history of the series, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age provided the makers with the ideal opportunity to revisit its legendary background score. Re-recorded in true-blue 7.1 surround, it can be said that the latest generation of sound production has been used to produce the background music for this game. However, purists need not fret, there is always the option to revert to the original version of the soundtrack and back at any point of time during gameplay. Hence, the background score too is a newly recorded one, but the game The Zodiac Age will feature the original soundtrack as well.


Improvements Borrowed From The International Edition of Final Fantasy XII


Those who were following the advancements in the game Final Fantasy XII closely would remember that the gaming world saw the release of an International Edition of the game which included a character growth system which was brand new, and also several other improvisations to the interface of the game. The game makers said, “We are happy to report that The Zodiac Age integrates all of these features and updates, so North American fans can finally experience them for themselves.” Also, other new and modern advancements in gameplay include Share functionality and PlayStation 4 Trophy, a location map that has been overlaid and much, much more! We are thrilled for both returning and new fans of the game to revel in the world that is Ivalice!



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