Star Trek Online is advancing to the console frontier this year


Star Trek Online is finally starting to grow its player base and Star Trek fans on console will be able to enter the war. The publisher, Perfect World Entertainment, announced that the game will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

This free to play MMO will be bringing all of it’s content to console, the game has 11 seasons which are formed of 130 episodes; there are also two expansion packs which bring new content and new storylines to the game.

Star Trek Online gives players the chance to captain their own ship and customise their own crew to run the ship. The player can join one of three factions to side with the Federation, Klingon or the Romulans. Customization is detailed and players are offered 32 species to choose from when creating a character.

Star Trek Online has an optional in-game cash store where the player can purchase cosmetic items, ship designs and some other bridge officer races. None of the items that can be currently bought in store have a strong impact on the gameplay. Players will be able to play through the story and explore the world for free, the current level cap for the game is level 60 which can also be reached without payment.

Currently there are very few free to play MMORPG’s available for console platforms and even less available for both platforms. As a result of this, Star Trek Online will be the first major free to play MMORPG that will be completely multi-platforms; there are some games such as Elder Scrolls Online which are available for both consoles but this is a pay to play game that requires tha one time purchase.

This is a big move for MMORPG’s and the fact that this game will remain free to play on consoles is very important, good free to play games is something that consoles lack and the rise of Star Trek Online could encourage more developers to bring their free to play MMO’s to other platforms.

The console versions of the game will have improved graphics and the UI will be adapted to better suit the platforms; more work is being done in other areas of the game such as lighting to make the game look more realistic.

Star Trek Online for the consoles does not have a release date just yet but it will be released this Autumn.


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