Thousands Help Beta Test Star Trek Adventures


In July 2016, Modiphius Entertainment announced that they were in need of beta testers who could help debug their new game, Star Trek Adventures. Today, over 7,000 people are helping polish the game in anticipation for its official release.

“The play test, with over 7,000 groups so far, ensures we really get amazing feedback from the community to help make the game really ‘feel’ like Star Trek,” said Chris Birch, the director for Modiphius Entertainment. “Whilst designers can come up with fantastic ideas, it’s at the ground level of solid play that we really discover if it’s a fun game.”

In Star Trek Adventures, a player’s values will be challenged, just like in Star Trek’s TV episodes where the characters face a lot of moral dilemmas.

Beta testers can participate in helping to improve the game by taking on the role of different crew members on the ship. They can be part of the bridge crew, an engineer, or even a captain. All the crew members have vital roles in the story, therefore impacting the flow of the game play.

“You will gain experience through various actions, and this will allow you to increase your attributes, your skills, and also your skill focuses, which are more specialized knowledge,” said Birch when asked about what gamers could expect about Star Trek Adventures’ overall game play. “Beyond that, characters will add to their talents, gain rank within Star Fleet and increase both the capabilities of their ship as well as its crew. Also, secondary characters can be brought in to play on the ship when a primary character goes down to a planet on an ‘away team.’ In this way, players won’t miss any of the action whether they’re on the surface or aboard the ship.”

Star Trek remains one of the biggest franchises in the world with a huge fan base despite its first TV series airing back in the 60s.

It’s popularity allowed it to transcend industries with the creation of numerous video games apart from the aforementioned Star Trek Adventures. In 2010, Star Trek Online was launched, which accumulated tens of thousands of players from all over the world. Since then, slots game Star Trek: Red Alert, a title which has been showcased on Spin Genie for a couple of years is just one of the successful spin-offs launched by the Star Trek franchise to keep the money rolling in. Both games are a testament to Star Trek’s timelessness, as well as the sheer number of Star Trek Adventures’ beta testers who are willing to help debug the game for free. This is proof that the franchise is still held in high regard among mainstream audiences – whether it’s in the world of television or gaming.

For those who want to join the beta testing, it’s not too late! Gamers can still participate in the play test by choosing any of the crews available. The USS Bellerophon is for those who want to test the game with a focus on science, while the USS Venture is for players who prefer to concentrate on assigned missions. There’s also the USS Lexington available for beta testers wanting to explore an alternative timeline.

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