Top 5 Annoying things about Pokémon Go



Just in case you didn’t know, Pokémon Go is huge right now. Clogging up social media and taking over the Internet – just look at the number of articles here on gamedais. It’s not all roses though; there are definitely some teething problems with this popular mobile game. Here’s a list of 5 annoying (but not quite disastrous) things about Pokémon Go. Some are “phone throwing annoying” while others are more “meh, I can live with that”.

  1. Battery Life: Quite simply, Pokémon Go kills your phone. For a game thats sole purpose is to go out and explore, you can’t go out walking for long before your phone begins to die. Unless you carry a charger around and ask a restaurant or a shop you pass by to borrow their electricity, you won’t be able to explore for an extended period. There is an option to turn on battery saver in the settings, which turns off the screen when you turn your phone upside down. This is helpful when you’re walking around and still want to feel the vibration when a Pokémon materialises, however, when your phone is upside down you obviously can’t collect from Pokéstops. Augmented Reality can also be turned off while your catching Pokémon, which also helps conserve battery.IMG_3431
  2. No Pokémon battles unless you’re at a Gym: Unlike the rest of the Game Boy models that preceded it, in Pokémon Go you can’t walk around and battle any wild Pokémon that appear. Rather than trying to avoid the long grass for another battle with Rattata, Pokémon Go makes you want to walk around in the fresh air to catch ’em all. One on one battles between your Pokémon and a wild Pokémon would have been a fun addition. Every battle could count towards XP for your Pokémon and help them evolve rather than just candy.
  3. Can’t see friends/other players nearby: This hopefully will be added in a future update as it seems like a vital add on. It would be awesome to get together with friends – even if they’re not nearby – and gang together to battle a rival gym. There was talk of being able to trade Pokémon in a future update and being able to ‘see’ your friend’s progress would almost go hand in hand with this.
  4. Unpredictable Freezes: Server issues are expected for a brand new game like this but can still be frustrating. When it crashes is entirely unpredictable. A number of times my game has frozen during the tense rocking of the Pokéball. This is not a huge, smashing screen problem though as the Pokémon do normally appear among my caught Pokémon once I quit and reboot the app. The entire screen intermittently freezes too, and I can’t throw a Pokéball or interact with anything at all. As rebooting can take forever, I’ve been stuck on the loading screen for probably as much time as I’ve been able to play the game.IMG_3436
  5. No instructions: Again, not a game destroyer as there’s pretty much a wikia for everything these days, but it would have been nice to have a proper help page. The tips are not enough. I’m not asking for handholding but a bit of a longer tutorial would have been ideal. I had to Google what those pink leaves were dancing around a Pokéstop.

Most of these are expected for a newly released game, despite beta testing there are almost always teething troubles. I’m sure Niantic will address all of these issues in an upcoming update. Overall, it’s lovely to have a blast of nostalgia and be reminded of when Pokémon used to just be collectable cards.

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