League of Legends



League of legends (LOL) is a competitive online multiplayer game, in which two teams of five champions each, controlled by summoners (players) battle versus eachother. Released on October 27, 2009 League of Legends was generally well received at release, and has grown in popularity in the years since. League of Legends was the most played PC game in North America and Europe in terms of the number of hours played. As of January 2014, over 67 million people play League of Legends per month and over 27 million per day. The publisher of the game is Riotgames. The game modes are 3v3,ARAM (all random all mid), Dominion (CTF),Normal 5v5,Ranked 5v5.The elo system helps players to match with equally skilled ones. The way to win a match is to protect your team’s base and nexus and destroy the enemys.



The gameplay is simillar to other MOBA gameplay styles, but still unique. The game is more intense compared to its biggest oponent “DOTA 2”. The players must be teamworking and cooperating in the name of victory. Every champion has his own unique abilities that can help teammates or damage the enemy,certain strategic planning and engagements are needed to win in every match. Players start with 475 gold every game, it can be obtained by killing minions,jungle monsters, other champions or the most important objectives – Dragon and Baron Nashor. You can boost your champions powers by buying runes and masteries. They can be bought from the League of Legends client’s shop. For every game you win or lose , you earn the League of Legends free currency IP (influence points) or you can donate money to recieve RP (riot points).



Certain League of Legends’ graphics aren’t as good as the recently published top games.
They need a touch but overall the graphics aren’t bad at all.League of Legends gets ripped by some players for being too cartoony and unimpressive. Instead of going for the flashiest, most modern looking graphics they could create, Riot chose the timeless approach.
They chose a cartoon style that will age well – that is key to longevity in a game.


Game modes:

Summoner’s rift

League of Legends’ most played game mode, Summoners Rift is considered the gold standard in competitive League of Legends.

The largest available battlefield, Summoner’s Rift is mirrored diagonally and features three lanes into the enemy base.
Each lane is defended by three turrets and an inhibitor.
Both sides of the map contain expansive jungles containing powerful buffs, and the river is home to two boss monsters that provide team-wide benefits.

The Twisted Treeline
The second classic League of Legends map, the Twisted Treeline typically features faster, bloodier matches with an emphasis on ganking and small scale skirmishes.
A smaller map than Summoner’s Rift, the Twisted Treeline is configured horizontally, with two lanes flanking a neutral area.
The reduced map size and accelerated level curve makes for a shorter game length and higher kill scores.

Howling Abyss
What started as a community movement has quickly developed into one of the most popular game modes in League of Legends today.
The Howling Abyss features two teams of five champions battling along a single lane with no neutral territory.
Champions begin the matchup at level 3 with substantial starting gold, launching the action immediately into a pitched battle of large, drawn out team fights, instant kills and narrow escapes.

The Crystal Scar
The Crystal Scar is the flagship map of the Dominion game mode, in which two teams of five champions compete to capture and hold a series of control points.
Holding the majority of these points will slowly damage the opposing team’s nexus, bringing you closer to victory.
The capture points on the Crystal Scar are arranged in a ring around a neutral area that contains powerful, team-specific buffs.
Each team can claim the powerful Storm Shield from the middle of the map.

The Tribunal
Every player can take part of the tribunal to punish the players, which are reported for violating the rules described in the Summoner’s Code.
A smart idea from Riot Games,contributes to punish the offenders by the players themself. Every player who participates in The Tribunal votes to “punish” or to “pardon” the reported player.The majority of players decide to punish or to forgive the offender, which brings them additional IP (influence points). Doubtless one of Riot Games’ smartest ideas.

The League of Legends’ World Championship
Every year Riot Games do a championship for the best League players worldwide.LOL World Championship is the way to find the best worldwide team,
show people a great spectacle, and reward the best.2013 Championship was won by the SK Telecom T1 K team,bringing them the award of $ 1,000,000.


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