Let It Die Review


Let it die is a third person Action adventure rogue-like which centres it self on a live, die, repeat concept. Which can be done very well ( dark souls) so when I saw this free to play game I was sold. So firstly the story is quite basic as in a very meta fashion takes place in a video game called the tower of barbes. The story is simply, the world is in chaos with a huge tower that appeared out of nowhere and apparently the tower has treasure at the top, while on the down side filled with demons.


The gameplay, so let it die has a pretty basic hack and slash control scheme. Which at first seems fun and brutal, but in the end seems boring and repetitive. This is the same with each level, the rooms seem copy and pasted and personally you don’t feel much progression as the tower is endless. Eventually you die which forces you to change to another character who has no level or items. So kind of like a permdeath.


Obviously it being free to play there are micro transactions but thankfully the games doesn’t push it self to make you buy them and can be played without needing them. The game itself has an extremely unique style with 80’s animated graphics, a skeleton riding a skate board, and a meta arcade hub. Concluding let it die is a fun and enjoyable 4 hour experience as the game becomes very repetitive and just too hard.


This game has potential to be a great game along as they add more level variety and enemy variety. But if you have a PS4 download it for you’re self as it is FREE! 6/10