Mercenary Kings


Meet the newest challenge in case you are a shooting and action lover. The great and intense Mercenary Kings is here, so enjoy its fast gameplay, simple to be operated with interface and lots of surprises. The game is out now and it was not a joke, but a huge entertainment for all those first gamers that faced the interactive and stunning Mercenary Kings plot.




Designed for PS4 by the talented guys from the the Mercenary Kings is a universal 2D game with awesome mechanics and stunning controls. They are intuitive to be learnt since the speed and the exactness are the key features you need to put in during the gameplay. The experts claim that the Mercenary Kings is something as a hybrid between the Monster Hunter and the Metal Slug. Well, it does not matter a lot if you some similarity. What is more important is to get into this side-scrolling shooter and become the quickest player among your friends. Yes, there is a brilliant multiplayer mood that makes the experience even more exciting and interesting.

The main goal and mission you have is to get rid of the numerous enemies you have along your way. Though, updating your weapons and shooting are not the only tasks you have. Keep in mind that there are lots of hidden collectable objects you need to pick up. They will help you to survive and they will get you to the next stage or level of the Mercenary Kings gameplay.

The main RPG system is highly simplified, so you do not have to be a super gamer with a large experience. Search, shoot and look carefully – these are the actions you need to perform. Eliminate the fire around yourself and try each chance you get along your way. Once you advance in the gameplay, the weapons you obtain will be more than just additional attachments, but your means of victory. The arsenal of the weapons is the key to the success.

As to the graphics, you will observe a superb animation that is both – retro and modern. The personalisation of each step or thing you pick up is on high level, so take the advantage of this, as well.

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