Perfect Universe


The ‘Perfect Universe’ is an exciting gravity defying action game developed by an independent game developer and consultant, Will Sykes. It was launched in February 2016 and is available on PC and PS4. I played it on the PS4 and undoubtedly it is a very intriguing and unique game owing to its retro graphics 2.5D environment. The Perfect Universe comprises of 3 different single player modes and six multiplayer mini-game modes. Let’s discuss about each of these game modes:

The single player modes include:

Perfect Moon: You are required to run across the moon as quickly as possible collecting the diamonds and avoiding the obstacles on the way. Depending on how quickly you finish the level, you will be rewarded with stars.

Moon Life: In this mode, you have to control Mr. Legs’ feet and make your way across the moon collecting leaves and avoiding the obstacles.

Starlight: Control your rocket and travel through the galaxy, collecting the stars. Make sure you launch your rocket with less power or else you won’t be able to control it.The mini games can be played with both computer and other players over the PSN.

Moon Golf: Select your favorite club and make your best shot by aiming at the hole.

Gravity Dodge: Just like regular dodge ball, you have to hit your opponent with the ball and avoid getting hit in order to win.

Rocket Ball: Play football with your buddies but with rockets.

Moon Volley: Compete against other planets over a game of volleyball.

Balloon Pop: This might be the most interesting mini game. You take control of Mr. Legs and have to pop balloons quickly by either jumping or walking over them.

Space Race: After you have practiced the Starlight, check out the space race where you have to sprint your rocket and compete against opponents.



This game is unique in terms of it using a 2D engine which still shows in the modern world that 2D games can still be fun to play. At £7.99 this game is worth having a go, I think you will be surprised how much fun you will have with this game.


The Perfect Universe is available at the PlayStation Network for download at a price of £7.99.


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