Pokémon GO Review


A few days prior; one of the most popular iOS games had finally been released to the public: Pokémon GO. Players all around the world have been waiting months on end for a solid release date and the game has finally been released for all to enjoy; with some hits and misses here and there, but that’s to be expected for a brand new game. Or is it?


Before I encroach upon that question just that little bit more, I want to touch upon the game itself and review the game for myself, because I feel a game of this calibre most assuredly deserves it, that’s for sure.


So, what is Pokémon GO? Well, Pokémon GO is the new game from Niantic; published by Nintendo, where the player heads off out into the real world, using their own GPS tracking signal on their smartphone to look for Pokémon, and catch them all on their own in augmented reality for twice the amount of fun. Basically, Pokémon GO is every single Poke-fans dream comes true to finally search and capture Pokémon in the real world; unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.


Obviously, just like in every Pokémon game ever, you are tasked with picking and choosing one of 3 potential starting Pokémon, all so you can finally start your Pokémon adventure around the world. Once you’ve acquired your starting Pokémon, you can go outside, start walking, and discover a myriad of Pokémon that end up popping up around you and catch them to your hearts content. You won’t just be catching Pokémon, however, as throughout your whole area there are a number of gyms strewn about the place, and depending on whoever has the strongest Pokémon in battle and uses their abilities the best they can, they can take over the losing players spot within the gym. Doing so will cement you in your town’s history, and players all around will be coming out to fight you and see if they can defeat your toughest Pokémon.


For the time being, Pokémon GO doesn’t exactly have all the Pokémon inside it for the moment and outside of catching Pokémon and taking care of some of the local gyms, there isn’t all that much to do in the game at the moment. Hopefully it isn’t too long before they add something new and interesting to keep players inside the game a little more than simply having some Pokémon that you don’t have yet. Until that day though, Pokémon GO has a little bit of a ways to go, but considering that this game has people rushing outside of their homes to catch a Pikachu, it sure does something about the whole success of the game.


Now, moving on from the review and back to the question: is what Pokémon GO doing considered a positive? Well, the answer is sort of a yes and a no. Let’s start off with the positives!


First off, this game has already got people jumping out of their chairs, all to find a Pokémon they have yet to catch. Heck, you can plan a whole family day out with your friends and family to go out hunting for Pokémon; now that right there is an afternoon is easy to consider a fun day. This game is promoting healthy activities for its players, and is clearly a net positive when compared to sitting inside all day on your 3DS. This affinity to make people more active is what’s keeping Pokémon GO in a number of individual’s good books; but with the good, comes the bad.


Ever since day one, people have been getting into some trouble when it comes to going out to get Pokémon. Some are rather amusing, like people sneaking in to places they aren’t supposed to, all to catch a Pokémon they have yet to acquire. Then there’s the more serious, like someone stopping in the middle of a crowded street or road, potentially putting their own lives and the lives of other people in danger, all to catch that allusive Pikachu. Some of these instances create some chuckle-worthy moments, but considering that governments are starting to consider creating new laws, all to stop people from doing these ridiculous and dangerous things. Even worse, people have already lost their lives due to the risks they’re putting into this game and that is the last thing anyone expected or wanted at all.I

Overall, Pokémon GO is an incredibly fun and addictive title for all ages and even encourages people to head off outside to hunt down some virtual Pokémon, all in the name of fun. However, there are way too many instances where the positives end up getting outweighed by the concerning negatives, such as injuries and even death. Clearly, it isn’t the developers fault when it comes down to this but more the individuals in question; but it does go to show, despite all the good this game has brought to its fan-base, there is also a small minority that are discovering what can happen if the fun, enjoyable element of the game is misused and not correctly appreciated.

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