The Wolf Among Us, Episode 3


It’s here and it’s called “A Crooked Mile”. The last one left us a bit worried about the direction this game is going, but I think everything was planned. They have set the bar a bit lower with “Smoke and mirrors” and now they literally exploded with Episode 3. By far it is the best one and is full with memorable moments. It reignited the fire that the game had in the very beginning. I must say, it is good.

The main aspect of this one is that it intensifies the plot, while introducing new characters or providing more background to previous ones. For example, we finally get to know what the Twiddle twins are up to. The decisions you have to make and what comes after them seem tougher than ever. “A Crooked Mile” feels like everything is really up to you.

The strange thing is that when the time for you to decide comes, none of the options feel right. The game reached a point, where you think of the possible consequences that follow your choice and you really try to make the right ones. The problem is that no matter how hard you try, Bigby is still struggling in his relationship with Snow, and the investigation becomes more and more complex, as he unravels more and more mysteries.

“Smoke and mirrors” didn’t bring a lot to the story and felt a bit short. As we said earlier, either Telltale was trying to create suspense for this episode or was just lazy to make it count. Well, that doesn’t matter now, because they compensated with Episode 3, in which every single second counts. You will see references to the magical lands, where they came from. You will attend a funeral, where you will see the emotional side of the fables and depending on you, the emotional side of Bigby too. The story slightly starts to become very emotional and look more realistic.


You will be touched by how Snow continues to drift away from Bigby, as his actions (your actions) lead to very intense and tragic moments. The main plot-twist of Episode 2 is also here, but in a whole new light. Finally, you will see what Crane really is and why he was doing all this things. It doesn’t stop here – the well of corruption is not Crane, which doesn’t really change the fact that he is a scumbag. It just opens the main plot and brings it to the next level.


The culmination point of everything in the episode is just amazing. At last, you will meet “The Big Bad Wolf” and experience the great power, which he has, but then again, it will be all taken from you moments later. The transition between power and stability to a total deadlock is beyond any words. It will really be the most powerful scene you ever experienced through the game and it surely promises a fantastic Episode 4. We will wait it out with great anticipation.


Of course by now everyone who plays the game has developed his own storyline “tree”. I myself am at a point, where every decision I make is affecting someone, but in the same time the most right one for another. The dilemmas are mind-blowing and it’s a good thing that Telltale gave us more time to think them through.

There are disappointments here as well. This “tree” that guides the events in the game has some minuses. For example, by now the tree has got so big that you will eventually transfer to the next scene by clicking on some trigger, before you can explore everything. It is not that big of a flaw, because I personally think that the game isn’t meant for just one play. I will certainly play it again and try to make different decisions, create a different Bigby and perhaps will tell the tale another, more enjoyable way – who knows. I might even get the chance to explore things that I didn’t have the chance to.

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