Although Titanfall has some of the finest elements of Call of Duty, combined them with some of the best elements of Halo, both Multiplayer, it’s not annoying and copied. It is fresh and astounding instead.

You can play as either a ‘pilot’ or a ‘titan’. You are a foot soldier as a pilot, running around the place while shooting at your enemies in a similar way to most first-person shooters. You are also equipped with a jetpack thus allowing you to double-jump and wall-run.

You may call in a titan – a gigantic robotic suit your pilot hops can control, after a certain amount of time. These big mechanical beasts are heavily armored and carry enormous and powerful weapons.

Pilot movement is changing up first-person shooter gameplay very seriously. Most large objects can be scaled.

This is what this game is most exciting about: epic battles by titans and pilots. Its simple gameplay has been further refined and polished to a maximum level.


The titans have advanced targeting and misslies systems, a vortex shield that stops enemy projectiles returns them at the shooter and devastating plasma chainguns. If you want a heavy firepower – this is what you need!

Playing as a pilot, the enhanced controls take a while to get used to, but when you do, it’s rather easy to chain a jump series, jetpack-blasts and mantles together to move nicely from wall-to-wall, structure-to-structure, and perform some airborne tricks.

If you’re out of the titan for a while, it can be operated by its onboard computer. The computer system also informs you regularly about potential threats or if you are outnumbered, which is very helpful.

Smashing enemy tiny pilots with your titan’s giant metal fist really is fun, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. If a pilot uses the surroundings smart enough, they can avoid that and even climb up on to an enemy titan, remove a guard from its hull and start firing into its core mechanics. It’s  a ‘rodeo’ attack. Friendly pilots can also jump onto the hill of a titan and use the higher position to fire upon enemies, but  it would be difficult to aim while the titan is moving.

If the  titan is about to be destroyed, the pilot may eject if he’s quick enough. This shoots him high in the air and he can keep shooting as a pilot upon his enemies. This way  the highest places on the map are also accessible.

Matches are up to 12 players and they select one of the sides – the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) or the Militia. Each side has computer-controlled infantry fighting alongside them, called ‘minions’. These are either grunts or spectres (droids) and are not dangerous alone, but combined – they can be.

There are only five game modes in Titanfall, but this can be expanded through DLC.In Hardpoint Domination, each map has three bases to be captured and controlled. You earn points for the time a base is held.


Another game mode is Capture the Flag. This mode is similar to many other first-person shooters, but the Titanfall gameplay changes it up and provides a few new options. You can run back to your team’s base as a pilot, hiding through buildings or rather, you can take a titan using its armor to get the flag back.

The other three modes are Attrition, Last Titan Standing and Pilot Hunter, all three are Deathmatch with a few options to tweak.

Last Titan Standing is the only mode where you start inside a titan. If your titan is destroyed, you can leave it and keep fighting as a pilot, but you can’t leave it if you remain inside after its destruction. A team wins when all enemy titans have been destroyed.

Unlike the other modes, in this game mode teamworking is above all.

Pilot Hunter is another team deathmatch. You receive points only when you kill enemy pilots.

Attrition awards you with points mainly for killing enemy titans and pilots, but it also awards you for enemy minions, but with smaller awards.

The maps offer different features and are added to each match. The large automated sentry guns that can be hacked to attack enemy players, providing a nice advantage, are the most important thing here.


The losing team has the chance to evacuate the map using a friendly aircraft at the end of most matches. If you manage to get to it in time and board it before it flies off, you’ll get some bonus points. Well, it\s really hard with the enemies on your back. They can also score a huge bonus by shooting down the aircraft.

as you get better in Titanfall, loadouts can be built, perks can be chosen and stuff is unlocked. The amount of variables in the perks, weapons, mods and tactical abilities is stripped right back. This may reduce customisation, but it keeps things simple.

Titanfall has a ‘burn card’ system, instead of rewards for kills. Cards are unlocked via various actions within a match, building a deck. You can select up to three cards to take into a match before it starts.

Some of the cards are very powerful but they’re very rare and even though you take three into a match, you can only use one at a time. It is gone when you die. These ‘burn cards’ bring another  customisation level.

Although Titanfall is multiplayer only, it has a story mode: a multiplayer campaign. You can play this through as either the IMC or the Militia and each story lasts for about three hours.


Titanfall has some rough edges in some way. It’s not the prettiest game out there, although it has a nice art style. Walking in on two minions while fighting, is a real fun to see how stupid they are, for example.

You can also literally grab onto a wall and hang off it. You can’t aim while doing this, but you can hip-fire. This is a nice addition to the movement options of the pilot.

The  small game imperfections do not decrease the fun, neither they impact on the feeling of playing the game.

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