Fate/Grand Order: More Popular Than Pokémon Go In Japan!


2016 has been an absolutely incredible year for mobile gaming fans, mainly down to the release of Pokémon GO back in the early summer. Even though Pokémon GO was easily the most talked about game; both for the hard core and casual fan base and is one of the highest grossing mobile games ever and that’s in as little time as 6 months. By the looks of things, though, Japan appears to be doing it again where a highly popular and praised title is making some serious headway and this time around it’s without the high-flying name of Pokémon.


Fate/Grand Order is currently a Japan-exclusive mobile game that has been developed by Sony and has been rivalling Nintendo’s smash-hit Pokémon GO! Despite Fate/Grand Order being exclusively for Japanese regions for the time being, the game has been doing incredibly well and in a short while Sony hope to see that same trend in Western markets.


If by any chance that you’re like me, you won’t know much about Fate/Grand Order and that’s completely understandable, because the game derives from a popular anime in Japan of the same name. When it comes to combat it plays a lot like your typical turn-based RPG that we’re all used to by now, except this one makes use of a combo system to make the most out of the party that you form. Depending on what allies you order to target an enemy with, they will produce a combo that can increase a whole number of stats; such as a triple quick-attack that will increase your critical hit chance once it’s over.


What Fate/Grand Order really does different from your typical mobile game, other than the slight change to the turn-based formula is that the game has a real focus on the story and the narrative. Since the game has been developed off the basis of an anime, the focus for the story is incredibly detailed and plays out very much like a visual novel. Again, what sets this game apart is the story and another reason for that is down to the fact that the developer has gone on record to say that they refuse to update the game without having continued onto the story in some way. Developing and improving the game is an important step for the developers, but it is well and truly the narrative that drives this game and its development cycle.


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Currently the game is only available in Japan, but the developers have full intentions on bringing the game to Western markets, following on from the success that they’ve had in Japan. Sony have recently implemented a new development studio in the West, and while it doesn’t have any connection to the game as of yet; it is suspected that it might be getting some ties with it. If this rumour does appear to ring true, then making the game available in Western regions will be becoming more and more a possibility and could even occur in the next few months, providing all goes to plan.


Unfortunately, a developer can’t simply up-sticks and set up a whole host of brand new servers for the game, due to how much extra work will needed to be put into it. So far there aren’t any current signs for localisation, at least not as of yet; but when you consider just how popular the game has been in its close to 2 years life-span, it’ll be no surprise to anyone when they finally announce the Western release to showcase what the Japanese developer can bring to the plate in the West.


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Right now this game isn’t a big player in the West, down to the fact that you need to be able to read Japanese to enjoy the story, so while it make take a little bit of time before the game is localised for Western regions to enjoy the story; it’s safe to say that the legwork for the game is incredibly well developed. Because of this, it makes for a game that manages to rival the giant that is Pokémon GO and will leave many fans of the anime chomping at the bit for the West to finally receive their version of the game.

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