Gamers Start Petition against LG OLED TVs


Modern gaming has made a lot of progress to the extent that those into gaming are not worrying about the quality of the games but the gaming equipment. The case in the point is that the main gaming consoles such as the PS4, PS4 Pro, and the Xbox One S are releasing games that have a lot of graphics in them they are weighing down on gaming equipment like the LG OLED TVs. The games come in a modern technology called high dynamic range or HDR which makes graphics come alive and make the games as realistic as possible. However, the 2016 LG OLED TVs are having so much of a problem that angry gamers have started a petition to make LG rectify the noted issue. It is actually a shame that one of the firms that have won many awards for the TV technology is being a victim of being too slow to keep up.

1. Input Lag

If you have tried playing a game, you one how painful it is pressing the shoot button, but the zombie still cuts off your head just because the console or TV did not respond in time. That it the exact same issue facing those with LG OLED TVs of the year 2016. It becomes a bigger pain when you are competing with someone online, and their gaming equipment is spot-on. Input lag often occurs when the technology used in the game is not supported by the gaming equipment or the game is just too heavy for the equipment to handle. In the case of the 2016 LG OLED TVs, it is a bit of both hence the anger observed among the TVs’ owners. The issue has been so widespread that every gamer with an LG OLED TV has thrown their weight behind this petition.



2. A Case of Missed Estimates

While the LG OLED TVs facing the complaints were released early in the year, the consoles with HDR technology have been released a bit later in the year. For this reason, the LG OLED TVs were not made with HDR technology for the gaming. The company made the mistake of thinking that the HDR technology will make its advent in gaming consoles a bit later than the current consoles offering them. It should be kept in mind that technology moves at a very fast rate thus the estimate but LG, being one of the leading firms in technology, is a letdown for all the gamers using their OLED TVs. It could lead to a big dent in its fortunes as most customers find alternatives from the competitors in the same area such as Sony and Samsung.
3. Lagging Behind

When playing a game, the lower the input lag figures, the better your odds of winning are. If you have one of the LG OLED TVs, you will have to work with input lag number to the tune of 68ms. That is just way too high a figure especially given the large amount of money one needs to own one of the LG OLED TVs for 2016. For comparison purposes, when the non-HDR games are in play, and one has activated the Game Mode on the LG OLED TV, the number is less than half of 68ms. The pain in the sting is increased by the fact that the LG OLED TVs will not allow you have the Game Mode on when playing an HDR game. The petition from the gamers has been based on this aspect given that no one wants to play games against better equipment as it guarantees their losing.
4. Wolves Coming
Among the most competitive firms in the TV arena besides LG are Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic. In the complaint filed against LG, the gamers state clearly that they are getting beaten by their competitors who own TVs by the other three giants. One way the other manufacturers have caught up the HDR consoles and games has been through firmware updates. While they too churned out TVs without the HDR capabilities, they made a provision for the updating of the TVs through updates to the firmware. For this reason, they are doing a great job supporting HDR games and gaming consoles while LG lags behind. Irate LG OLED TV owners have expressed their concern that their competitors using Samsung and Sony have an input lag of less than 25ms thus having a clear advantage over them in the gaming supremacy.

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5. Bleak Future
While the competitors to LG in the TV arena such as Sony and Samsung have managed to bring HDR gaming support to their platforms, the case with 2016 LG OLED TVs is a different one. One would ask themselves a simple question; if LG knows the risk it has with it OLED TVs, why has it not made a change to them? The only viable answer could be that the update would require a hardware update and not a simple software update. LG is a big firm and letting the issue of HDR support go on for this long without a solution is akin to saying they are helpless which, in reality, they seem to be. If you own a 2016 LG OLED TV, you could benefit from the petition once it is affected as LG could find a way to solve the issue plaguing its TVs of the year.

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