Gaming pods in Shanghai, will this become the norm?


If there’s one thing that men like a lot, that is the ability to play video games. And while it can be fun to be with your loved one in a mall as you make some new purchases, this can also be frustrating. The reality is that women can spend hours upon hours in a mall, so it’s a good idea for a husband to find some unique ways to spend his time.

And that’s why the gaming pods appeared in a mall located in Shanghai. The great thing to note about these pods is that they are specifically designed to provide husbands with the best possible relaxation options that they can imagine.

One of the coolest things to note about these Shanghai gaming pods is that they are wonderful for any man. In fact, most of them are the dream of any man, to be honest. They have a computer, a gaming device, and a monitor. You also have a chair so that you can sit without a problem.




Some people and more specifically younger men are ok with the idea of sitting in a pod and waiting for their wife to come back to them. In fact, being able to play games is something that a lot of men don’t have the time for. So, being able to do that while their wife goes on a shopping spree in the mall seems to be a really good idea. But for some people, it may not be the best option out there.

The reason is simple, a lot of persons are all about the idea of family, but these gaming pods do not help the relationship at all. Plus, the pods on their own are quite strange. They feel like a plastic prison. Sure, you can play games in there, and it can be quite fun for a while, but if you see from the outside, the situation can be a bit sad.

The good thing for those men that get inside the pods is that these units are free of any distractions. So when you hear that no one will be able to disturb you, that is exactly the case. What you want to make sure there is that you find a good and creative way to figure out how you can explore all the options out there. With Shanghai gaming pods, we may have an entirely new way to understand and explore the way our wives do shopping, and we play games.

There’s a whole debate to be had whether this is a humane thing to do or not. Malls could have dedicated sections for adults where they can play games, adding pods in the middle of the mall will just make the man inside the weird one. But then again, the setup you get there is very good, and you get access to some of the latest games out there. So, I guess it’s up to every man that visits Shanghai malls to figure out if this is a wonderful thing for him or a nightmare waiting to happen!

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