Most Anticipated Mobile Games of 2017


2017 is just around the corner and after taking a quick glance at some of the upcoming games for mobile devices; it already demonstrates that it is going to be one great year for mobile gamers. This may not be every great game that is set to be released this year, but it is definitely some of the most anticipated that have been announced for iOS and Android devices throughout the new year.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Rebirth came out originally on PC during late 2015; 4 years after the original Binding of Isaac came out unto the world. At the time, Binding of Isaac was the quintessential rogue-like game out on the market and the moment Rebirth came out, it took over its place. With Rebirth came a lot of changes, a new engine being one of them and a whole vast amount of new items and enemies to fight, all the while having the opportunity to see some incredibly strange, powerful, and hilarious combinations of items to make that next run all that more interesting and special.

This is a game that you can easily spend hundreds of hours on; something many people actually have and for very good reasons. Now, just imagine that on a completely portable device that you can fit in your pocket! This is the perfect game to waste hours on each and every single day and knowing that in early 2017 I’ll be able to have that on my mobile phone at any point during the day makes me look forward to being stuck outside the house, with nothing but my phone, because I’ll be set with this game up until my phone dies!

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is basically the Dark Souls of turn-based RPG’s and for very good reasons. The game literally tells you the first time you play it that you will die, you will lose, and you will be put into some truly unfair situations from time to time. This is one of those games that are designed to be difficult and unfair, but through perseverance and hope you can make your way through some of the very trying times this game will throw at you at regular intervals.

There’s a vast amount of content in this game, and you can easily pick up the game for the first time and you can be assured that it will probably kick you to the curb for a little while, but that’s the entire point of the game. Every battle, every win and every loss is meant to be treated as a learning experience, and as difficult as the game can be a lot of the time; the aesthetics, the gameplay, and the awesome narrator the game has, it all creates a great overall experience. I can easily say that Darkest Dungeon is one of the best RPG’s in recent years and the fact that it’s coming to mobile is news that I wasn’t expecting, but am now incredibly stoked for.

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Duelyst is one of those games that have taken a number of great inspirations and ideas from popular titles; such as Fire Emblem and Hearthstone, along with a plethora of other titles. You see, Duelyst takes the battleground inspiration from the board game of Chess and throws in the SRPG combat nature of the Fire Emblem series, and then throws in the collectible card game nature of things to increase the longevity of proceedings.

Similar to what Hearthstone did, it took a little while for the game to finally be brought to mobile devices, but with that wait time came both an exceptional game and exceptional controls. Duelyst is a free-to-play title you can currently get a hold on in the PC market, but being able to take the game and its PVP strategy mechanics wherever you choose brings a new level of freedom to the game.

Prison Architect

If you took a combination of The Sims and mixed that up with the tycoon genre, you’ll have as close to Prison Architect as you’re going to get. Title wise, the game couldn’t be more literal if it tried, as you are tasked with building a prison and then proceeding to run its upkeep by taking on new prisoners, accepting grants and the like to keep your prison up to snuff and to expand it as you see fit.

On mobile devices the game is going to run and play beautifully and with this game, along with its genre is the sort of game you can quite easily lose countless of hours inside the game and that’s all within a device that can fit in your pocket. It won’t be out for another few months, but with a title that you can spend as much time on as this one, then the wait most assuredly will be worth it; no doubt about that.

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